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Publications for both young people and adults help support strong leadership skills and community involvement.

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The Essential Guide to County Government

Numerous citizens contribute to the well-being of their communities each year by serving on county government boards and commissions. The knowledge required to serve well is substantial, and it can be challenging to get up to speed and to stay there.

This must-have handbook is the perfect resource for getting oriented or for helping train other new board members and commissioners.

Leadership & Community

Product No. Title Price Buy
CRI-V2 College Conflict $26.50 add to cart
CRI-CD Conflict: An Opportunity for Development $36.50 add to cart
CRI-V3 Duel or Discussion? $26.50 add to cart
C1369 HELP! I’ve Just Been Appointed to an Advisory Board: Guidelines for Local Government Advisory Boards $6.50 add to cart
CLV99-1 Leadership Development Through Community Action $30.00 add to cart
CLV99-2 Leadership Development Through Community Action--Teacher’s Guide $10.00 add to cart
CRI-V1 Mediation: Finding a Solution $26.50 add to cart
LCO361 Polite Is Right $3.25 add to cart
C1371 The Essential Guide to County Government: A Manual for Board Members and Commissioners $19.00 add to cart
SET900 U-Facilitate $50.00 add to cart