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Terrific Teachable Moments CD-ROM


Looking for ways to help children make good choices? Educators and care providers for ages preschool through the elementary years will want this collection of activities at hand to respond constructively to classroom situations. The activities are organized around the Six Pillars of Character identified by the Josephson Institute of Ethics--Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

Full-text searching of the Adobe Acrobat files lets you quickly find fun activities tailored to address the topic you're interested in or concerned about. The descriptions tell you how to prepare, how to lead children in the activity, and what to ask when you're done to help them reflect on what they have experienced.

Family Matters

Product No. Title Price Buy
SET130S Abuelos que crían a sus nietos serie informativa (Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Series Pamphlet Set 1) $5.50 add to cart
C1218 All About Us: Important Family Records $8.00 add to cart
BTC-01 Breaking the Code Bullying Simulation Kit $99.00 add to cart
LEO190 Building Family Strengths $5.50 add to cart
C1365E-S Cómo ayudar a sus nietos para que tengan éxito en la escuela $18.00 add to cart
C1365J Choosing a Parenting Style $18.00 add to cart
C1365B Communication Is Important $18.00 add to cart
CRI-CD Conflict: An Opportunity for Development $36.50 add to cart
C1365A-S Cuando un niño ha experimentado descuido o maltrato $18.00 add to cart
C1365C-S Cuestiones del cuidado de los niños $18.00 add to cart
C1365D Emotional Ups and Downs $18.00 add to cart
C1365F-S Es importante tener tiempo para uno mismo $18.00 add to cart
SET131 Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Series
Pamphlet Set 2
$5.50 add to cart
C1365E Helping Your Grandchildren Do Well in School $18.00 add to cart
CD-001 Home Ownership: Can You Afford It? $25.00 add to cart
IH01-B Intentional Harmony Brochure $23.00 add to cart
IH01-CB Intentional Harmony Corporate Brochure $12.00 add to cart
IH01-DP Intentional Harmony Display Posters $50.00 add to cart
IH01-CU3 Intentional Harmony: Managing Stress at Work $125.00 add to cart
IH01-CU5 Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Extended Family and Friends $125.00 add to cart
IH01 Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Life $399.00 add to cart
IH01-CU1 Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Parenting $125.00 add to cart
IH01-CU2 Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Partner $125.00 add to cart
IH01-DVDU2 Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Partner Lecture DVD $29.95 add to cart
IH01-CU4 Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Your Physical and Emotional Well Being $125.00 add to cart
C1365B-S La comunicación es importante $18.00 add to cart
C1365D-S Los altibajos emocionales $18.00 add to cart
C1365H No More Fights About Food! $18.00 add to cart
C1366 Operation Safe Kids: Safety Training for Children Ages 8-10 $38.00 add to cart
C1365I Setting Limits $18.00 add to cart
C1365G Teaching Money Skills $18.00 add to cart
C1390-CDF Terrific Teachable Moments: Families on CD-ROM $10.50 add to cart
C1390-36 Terrific Teachable Moments: Grades 3 Through 6 $16.50 add to cart
C1390-712 Terrific Teachable Moments: Grades 7 Through 12 $20.00 add to cart
C1390-P2 Terrific Teachable Moments: Pre-K Through Grade 2 $16.50 add to cart
C1365K The Teenage Years! $18.00 add to cart
C1365F Time for You Is Important $18.00 add to cart
C1365A When a Child Has Experienced Neglect or Abuse $18.00 add to cart
YYC-CDB Your Young Child: Managing Challenging Early Stages - Brochures $30.00 add to cart
YYC-CDC Your Young Child: Managing Challenging Early Stages – Curriculum $99.00 add to cart