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The Disappearing Earth

It is perhaps trite, but nonetheless true--children are our future, and those who are exposed to stewardship issues can make environmentally healthy decisions now and in their adult lives.

In The Disappearing Earth, Secret Agent Worms Napoleon Soil and Jane Blonde lead awesome adventures in science while teaching critical lessons about soil erosion. Be sure to check out the associated educational materials--a hands-on agriscience kit, teacher's guide, and poster, plus bookmarks, stickers, and tattoos for extra fun.


Product No. Title Price Buy
NCR522 50 Ways Farmers Can Protect Their Groundwater $5.50 add to cart
NCR583 57 Ways to Protect Your Home Environment (and Yourself) $9.00 add to cart
NCR589 60 Ways Farmers Can Protect Surface Water $11.00 add to cart
USD-01 A Different Field: Innovative Entrepreneurs in Illinois Farming $6.50 add to cart
USD-01-PK A Different Field: Innovative Entrepreneurs in Illinois Farming $20.00 add to cart
IISG-01-25-GAMES Beat the Barriers and Rival for Survival Game Set $10.00 add to cart
AK-29 Biodiesel Basics: Curriculum and Production Kit $499.00 add to cart
DNR01 Creating Habitats and Homes for Illinois Wildlife $27.50 add to cart
IISG-01-26-SET ESCAPE Compendium and Game Set $65.00 add to cart
IISG-01-17 Exotic Species Compendium of Activities to Protect the Ecosystem (ESCAPE) $58.00 add to cart
M2 General Soil Map of Illinois, pack of 10 $5.50 add to cart
WISCU-G-00-002 Great Lakes Fishes Poster $7.00 add to cart
C1399 Lawn Fertilization: Best Management Practices for the Midwest $4.00 add to cart
C1399-PK Lawn Fertilization: Value Pack $36.00 add to cart
CLM-03-CD Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship CD-ROM $25.00 add to cart
NCR343 Minimizing Federal Income Tax for Forest Landowners $2.25 add to cart
C1378 Septic Systems: A Homeowner's Guide $7.50 add to cart
B778 Soils of Illinois $6.75 add to cart
C1400 Ten Ways to Reduce Nitrogen Loads from Drained Cropland in the Midwest $4.00 add to cart
SET600 This Land Environmental Stewardship Series $21.00 add to cart
ILIN-SG-E92-1M Wetlands are Wonderlands: Member/Youth Guide $1.00 add to cart
ILIN-SG-E92-1 Wetlands are Wonderlands: Teacher/Leader and Member/Youth Guide Set $6.50 add to cart