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Weed Seed Samples

Weed Seed Samples

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Seed samples

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This weed seed identification set includes the majority of weeds listed on the Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers (IAVAT) Crops Career Development Event weed identification card.

This set of 42 weed seed samples* is a consolidated set that includes the weed seed samples formerly in Z7004 and Z7004.1 (the 2007 update).

Z7004a Weed Seed Samples comes in a convenient storage box, includes a key to the samples, and contains:

Barnyardgrass, buckhorn plantain, burdock, chicory, common cocklebur, common lambsquarters, common mallow, common milkweed, common mullein, common ragweed, curly dock, dandelion, fall panicum, field bindweed, field pennycress, giant foxtail, giant ragweed, green foxtail, horseweed (marestail), ivyleaf morningglory, jimsonweed, johnsongrass, ladysthumb smartweed, large crabgrass, musk thistle, peppergrass, prickly sida, purslane, quackgrass, redroot pigweed, shattercane, shepherd’s-purse, velvetleaf, waterhemp, wild carrot, wild mustard, wild oats, wild parsnip, wild sunflower, woolly cupgrass, yellow foxtail, and yellow nutsedge nutlets.

*This set includes 30 of the 55 weeds on the national Agronomy CDE weed list.