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Crop Seed Samples

Crop Seed Samples

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Seed samples
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This set of 41 crop seed samples* is a consolidated set that includes the crop seed samples formerly in Z7003 and Z7003.1 (the 2007 update).

Z7003a Crop Seed Samples comes in a convenient storage box, includes a key to the samples, and contains:

Alfalfa, alsike clover, barley, birdsfoot trefoil, broccoli, bromegrass, canola, corn, cotton, cucumber, fescue, grain sorghum, Kentucky bluegrass, ladino clover, lespedeza, lettuce, lima bean, muskmelon, oats, orchardgrass, pea, peanut, perennial ryegrass, popcorn, pumpkin, red clover, redtop, rice, rye, safflower, soybean, sudangrass, sugar beet, sunflower, sweet clover, sweet corn, timothy, tomato, vetch, watermelon, and wheat.

*This set includes 31 of the 53 crops on the national Agronomy CDE crops list.