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Growth Stages of Agronomic Crops

Growth Stages of Agronomic Crops

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Learn how to identify the growth stages of common crops in the Midwest. This publication is intended to assist anyone who needs to scout fields for problems such as weeds, diseases, and insect pests that may interfere with crop growth and yields.

  • Covers alfalfa, corn, soybean, sorghum, and small grains (barley, oats, rye, and wheat)
  • Detailed illustrations of every stage of crop growth
  • 220 color photos and illustrations, labeled with plant parts and characteristics
  • Includes a comprehensive glossary of terms used in the publication

When you are able to understand specific steps in crop growth, you are better able to recognize developmental stages of growth. This publication, written by specialists at the University of Illinois, will help you identify problems and addressing them as they occur. Understanding crop stages will also help you in making appropriate management decisions, thus allowing for increased yield.

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