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Agronomic Crop Identification USB flash drive

Agronomic Crop Identification USB flash drive

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USB flash drive
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Price: $80.00

This resource is designed to help the user learn to identify crop plants. It contains more than 650 PowerPoint frames featuring over 50 crops. It includes all of the crops on both the IAVAT (Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers) list and the National Crop List used by the National FFA.

The information is organized in two PowerPoint presentations (one for each list), along with supplemental materials. Presentations feature detailed photos of each plant with additional photos of plant parts, as well as plant descriptions and vocabulary terms.

The flash drive includes:

  • National and Illinois crop ID list sets (one presentation for each list)
  • Two practice sets without names (one set for each list)
  • Keys to practice sets
  • Two interactive quizzes (one for each list) that allow students to click on a crop image to identify the crop
  • A set of definitions that are linked to terms in the presentations.

Crops that are identified by seed only are not included. Use Crop Seed Samples (Z7003a) to practice crop seed identification.

Also available as a CD-ROM

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