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Small Engine Service Techniques USB

Small Engine Service Techniques USB

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This resource is an introduction to small gas engine measuring and the technology used to repair engines. It contains a series of PowerPoint presentations that feature photos and short videos of engine part evaluation and technical measuring. The materials are divided into segments for easy access and presentation.

Each of the segments includes PowerPoint presentations with text and photos explaining how to evaluate a specific engine component; a description of the evaluation process using a step-by-step format including a video component for many of the segments; and an overview of the tools required for evaluating engines and an explanation of how to use them. Also included are printable handouts to accompany each of the digital presentations, as well as sample worksheets to be printed and used with engine evaluation.

The resource covers the following topics:

  • measuring bearing clearance
  • camshaft lift
  • circuit testing
  • compression test
  • measuring cylinder out-of-round
  • cylinder taper
  • using micrometers and calipers
  • piston pin diameter
  • measuring piston wear
  • reconditioning valve seats
  • measuring and setting spark pug gap
  • using torque wrenches
  • measuring valve lash

The presentations use modern engines typical to those found in industry and agricultural applications. The presentations provide information regarding the evaluation and measurement of key engine components during engine repair or overhaul. Some information is included that may assist technical decisions regarding engine repair and replacement due to wear and use.

This product includes more than 200 PowerPoint slides, 10 video clips, and student handouts for most presentations. It is a comprehensive resource for teaching small gas engine evaluation and introducing students to the skills and knowledge used by engine technicians.

Available as CD-ROM or USB flash drive.

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