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Small Gas Engine Parts Identification USB flash drive

Small Gas Engine Parts Identification USB flash drive

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USB flash drive
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This resource is designed to introduce the user to small gas engine parts. It contains a series of PowerPoint presentations that feature photos of engine parts with names and a brief description of each part. The materials are divided into four categories: two-cycle engines, four-cycle engines, two-cycle carburetors, and four-cycle carburetors.

Each of the four categories includes the following:

  • A presentation with photos and names of engine parts
  • A presentation with photos and a description of each part and how it functions within an engine
  • A practice set with photos of engine parts and no names
  • An evaluation quiz for checking student progress
  • A key for the quiz,

The presentations use modern engines typical to those found in industry and agricultural applications. The presentations with descriptions provide information regarding the function of the engine parts during operation.

The engine images include parts from L-head, overhead valve, two-cycle mower engines, and fixed jet carburetors.

This resource provides an excellent introduction to the skills and knowledge used by engine technicians. It is a complete source for teaching identification of small gas engine parts.

Also available as CD-ROM.

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