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Abuelos que crían a sus nietos serie informativa (Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Series Pamphlet Set 1)

Abuelos que crían a sus nietos serie informativa (Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Series Pamphlet Set 1)

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Older adults who serve as the primary caretakers for their grandchildren make up a rapidly growing segment of the U.S. population. The situation is becoming so common that questions concerning grandparents raising a grandchild appeared for the first time on the 2000 census. A large portion of this audience is Spanish-speaking.

That’s why we created the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Series in Spanish as well as in English. Grandparents who suddenly find themselves the primary caregivers for their grandchildren have enough challenges and don’t need a language barrier to deal with on top of everything else.

The first six pamphlets from Set 1 are available in Spanish (see below), but more Spanish translations are forthcoming. Be sure to check this site frequently for new Spanish language materials.

If you are planning to use these pamphlets as part of a workshop or other group meeting, consider buying individual titles in packets of 25 to save money. Just click on the item number before each pamphlet title.

The Spanish version of Set 1 contains one copy of each of the following titles:

C1365A-S Cuando un niño ha experimentado descuido o maltrato: Explains the effects of violence on a child and gives tips for dealing with violent children.

C1365B-S La comunicación es importante: Children often feel grandparents are too old to understand them, and grandparents usually aren’t used to dealing with small children or teenagers. This pamphlet gives advice on communicating with and listening to children. It discusses the use of “you” and “I” messages.

C1365C-S Cuestiones del cuidado de los niños: Grandparents are not likely to be well acquainted with daycare facilities or other after-school programs. This pamphlet offers guidance in choosing a child-care provider.

C1365D-S Los altibajos emocionales: This pamphlet addresses the needs of grandparents. It helps them understand that while they may love their grandchildren, raising another child will be a stressful and sometimes draining situation. There is advice on dealing with anger, isolation, fear and doubt. It also covers the benefits of a support group.

C1365E-S Cómo ayudar a sus nietos para que tengan éxito en la escuela: It’s probably been a long time since a grandparent has had to interact with a local school. Things change and rules and requirements may seem overwhelming. This pamphlet offers advice on enrolling a child in school, helping with homework and instilling self-confidence.

C1365F-S Es importante tener tiempo para uno mismo: The main focus is the grandparent, who may be feeling he or she has no time or energy left to care for his/her own needs after meeting the needs of a grandchild. It suggests ways to reduce stress and maintain social contacts.