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60 Ways Farmers Can Protect Surface Water

60 Ways Farmers Can Protect Surface Water

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A comprehensive and practical guide on farming and water quality, 60 Ways contains a wealth of ideas on how to protect surface water. It offers the latest research and gives many ideas that help cut unnecessary costs and prevent your greatest resource—your soil—from washing away.

It’s not a theoretical reference manual. It’s designed to be used, offering you to-the-point information and introducing you to innovative farmers in the Midwest who are protecting water without sacrificing production.

Topics include:

  • Managing surface cover
  • Controlling the flow of water
  • Managing nutrients effectively
  • Managing livestock waste effectively
  • Reducing insecticide use
  • Reducing herbicide use
  • Selecting pesticides
  • Handling pesticides safely and efficiently
Visit Dean Sasse in Illinois. He’s boosting yields while reducing tillage. Drop in on the Berning family in Ohio. They are reducing herbicide rates in soybeans. Ken Gasper in Michigan is composting manure and keeping his milkhouse water out of nearby streams.

These and many more success stories are in this wonderful book. Your farming story can be a successful one, too. Learn to work with nature and maintain a profit. This book can get you started!

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