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Forest Tree Identification: Leaves and Buds

Forest Tree Identification: Leaves and Buds

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This resource is an excellent tool for learning how to distinguish identification characteristics of leaves and buds of forest trees. It contains all trees included on the Illinois and National FFA Career Development reference lists at the time of printing.

    The CD contains:
  • High quality images of leaves and buds of 71 trees
  • Descriptions of leaf shape; bark characteristics; mature tree size and shape; uses; and native environment
  • Common and scientific names of each tree

The information is organized in three PowerPoint presentations: one for the Illinois list, one for the national list, and one for the combined lists. Each presentation includes leaf images that can be enlarged by the click of a mouse; descriptions of tree characteristics; and bud images.

The CD also includes interactive quizzes for leaves and buds for each reference list as well as the combination of the two lists. These are designed for users to quiz themselves by selecting the correct image and properly identifying each tree.

Practice contests with keys are also included for review and evaluation of students.

These sessions are created with the classroom teaching environment in mind. They can be projected for viewing and composed with an outline style for student note-taking and learning.

Works with PC only; not MAC compatible.

This product is also available on a USB flash drive

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