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Insect Identification CD-ROM

Insect Identification CD-ROM

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If you’re looking for the right tool to teach your students about insects, this CD-ROM has it all. Insect Identification includes all the insects on the Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers Agronomy Career Development Event insect identification list (the Illinois list is a subset of the national Agronomy CDE list of 38 insects). Presentations include:

  • a set with images and text descriptions of the insects
  • a practice set without insect names by the images
  • a set that is an interactive quiz presentation, which allows the user to choose an image to answer a question.

The CD-ROM also includes a short presentation on insect anatomy, insect life cycles, and economic injury. Teachers will like the Quiz Planner for creating multiple quizzes for classroom use.

In all, there are more than 150 PowerPoint frames on this CD.