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Weed Identification CD-ROM

Weed Identification CD-ROM

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If you are teaching weed identification, you'll want to get this CD-ROM. It includes all the weeds on the Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers weed identification list (2007 revision). Presentations include:

  • The regular set with images and text descriptions of the weeds
  • A practice set without weed names appearing by the images
  • A set that is an interactive quiz presentation which allows the user to choose an image to answer a question.

New features in this revised version include:

  • Weeds added for the 2007 event
  • Expanded descriptions for life cycles and areas where the weeds grow
  • Seedling descriptions
  • More photographs, including many seed and seedling photographs.

In all, there are nearly 700 PowerPoint frames on this CD.

See also the Weed Identification Quiz Pack, a set of 10 identical CD-ROMs with only the quizzes and interactive quizzes. It's a great tool for students to use for self study in the agriculture classroom, the school computer lab, or at home.