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Horticulture Plant Identification – Digital Flash Card Set

Horticulture Plant Identification – Digital Flash Card Set

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MDS690 was created as a supplement to the Horticulture Plant Identification Flash Cards. The CD contains the complete set of cards in digital format, as well as a practice set and an interactive quiz.

  • The presentation set includes all the plants identified on the published list from Illinois and National FFA. Plant identification slides include a full-color image of each plant, followed by a slide containing a description of plant characteristics and growing conditions.
  • The interactive quiz allows the user to practice self-quizzing by clicking on the appropriate image. An audio response (applause or “ding” sound) will indicate if the correct image was selected. The answer for each question can be displayed by clicking anywhere on the background of the slide.
  • The practice set contains a sample of plant images with no names. The key is provided at the end of the presentation and can be accessed from any slide in the practice set by clicking the “key” button.

The presentations on the CD-ROM are composed in Microsoft PowerPoint and should run equally well on PCs or Macintosh machines

This product is also available on a USB flash drive

Better together! Get Horticulture Plant Identification Flash Cards and CD-ROM and save.

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