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Introduction to Soil Science CD-ROM

Introduction to Soil Science CD-ROM

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This on-screen instructional resource provides an overview of practical soil science. Three slide sets, created in Microsoft PowerPoint, include the following topics:

  • Soil Color. This presentation covers color descriptions, how to determine soil color, how to read a Munsell soil color chart, and what surface and subsoil colors indicates about soil quality.
  • Soil Texture. This session covers information on the composition of soil, how to use the soil texture triangle, estimating soil texture by feel, and the importance of soil texture for management practices.
  • Soil Structure. This session covers soil aggregates, structural composition of soil, and how soil structure relates to management practices.

The presentations contain a total of more than 160 slides. Also included are quizzes and keys for each session, and a student handout describing how to estimate soil texture by feel. These documents are composed in Adobe Acrobat and the PDFs can be printed when opened.

This product is also available on a USB flash drive

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