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Evaluating Beef Cattle

Evaluating Beef Cattle

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Evaluating Beef Cattle is an onscreen resource that utilizes both PowerPoint and Word to instruct students how to properly evaluate bulls, steers, and heifers.

The CD-ROM includes two PowerPoint presentations and five resource documents composed in Word. The introductory presentation includes a teacher guide, or script, to instruct students on points of evaluation, desirable and undesirable characteristics with example images, and a wealth of beef cattle judging information. The second presentation includes images of two heifer classes and three steer classes with official placings and cuts. The images are of side, front, and rear views of the animals.

The CD-ROM also includes a terminology guide for presenting reasons, an EPD example, data for a heifer class, and reasons for five classes of beef animals.

The image quality is excellent and is appropriate for high school and college instruction.

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