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Retail Meat Cut Identification and Technology

Retail Meat Cut Identification and Technology

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Retail Meat Cut Identification and Technology CD-ROM is an onscreen instructional resource designed to teach students how to identify retail cuts of meat as well as other practices utilized in meat judging career development events.

This new and revised CD contains PowerPoint presentations featuring the same images as those on the Retail Meat Cut Flash Cards. The slides provide information on beef, pork, and lamb retail cut identification, location of cut on the carcass, and cooking methods, as well as primal cut identification and definitions of the different types of cuts. Tables are used to demonstrate how to properly identify each cut.

    Presentations include:
  • a regular set with images and text descriptions of the cuts
  • a practice contest that includes a combination of 25 images
  • an interactive quizzing presentation that allows the user to identify the proper cut among three.

Includes presentations on grading and meat formulation, as well as worksheets to calculate yield grades, preliminary yield grades, formulation word problems, and measuring of the rib eye area.

In all, this CD includes over 600 slides. It is composed in Microsoft PowerPoint and is easy to use with the built-in Master Navigation features.

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