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Polite Is Right

Polite Is Right

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Courtesy and respect are key to a successful learning environment, but they don’t come naturally--they have to be learned. The Polite Is Right elementary school curriculum teaches children social skills and encourages them to practice considerate behavior. Using a “learning by doing” educational model, the program’s engaging activities help students identify social rules and customs, understand why rules are important, and develop skills and behaviors consistent with these social rules and customs.

There are six topics, chosen and tested by teachers, in Polite Is Right: “Rules Help Us,” “Respect,” “Sportsmanship,” “Mealtime Manners,” “Put Your Best Foot Forward,” and “Electronic Etiquette” (telephone and Internet manners). State of Illinois Learning Standards are identified for each lesson. Support pieces include pages for families to help reinforce what’s being learned at school and ideas for “catching” and rewarding students being polite. Though the program is most successful when a whole school participates, teachers can use the activities effectively in individual classrooms.