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Wetlands are Wonderlands: Member/Youth Guide

Wetlands are Wonderlands: Member/Youth Guide

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Have you ever wondered how wetlands were created, which animals and plants rely on wetland for survival, or what people are doing to protect wetlands? Wetlands are Wonderlands can answer all these questions and more. This entertaining guide is designed for youth in grades 6 to 8 interested in learning and doing aquatic science activities that can help the environment. These would make excellent books for 4-H, scouting, home school, or other youth activities.

Member/youth guide covers the following topics:

  • What is a wetland?
  • Value of wetlands
  • Products from wetlands
  • Wetland destruction
  • Wetland regulation

Each chapter includes activities, questions, and discussion topics.

Buy the Wetlands and Wonderlands: Teacher/Leader and Member/Youth Guide Set to get background information, answers to questions/discussions, and additional sources.