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Beat the Barriers and Rival for Survival Game Set

Beat the Barriers and Rival for Survival Game Set

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Teach your students about ecosystems while they are playing a fun board game. Beat the Barriers and Rival for Survival are available in full-color laminated games. Each set consists of lesson plans, activity descriptions, game board, game cards, and instructions.

Beat the Barriers: A Sea Lamprey Game is created for grades 5 and 6. One game takes about 15-20 minutes to play. Children will learn about:

  • Characteristics of lamprey populations in the Great Lakes
  • Placement of the Great Lakes
  • Location of spawning ground “hot spots”
  • Technologies used to control the lamprey population

Rival for Survival is created for grades 6-9. A game takes approximately two class periods. Students will learn to:

  • Analyze factors affecting ecosystems
  • Recognize exotic species found in the great lakes
  • Create a concept map about topics in the game

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