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Intentional Harmony: Managing Stress at Work

Intentional Harmony: Managing Stress at Work

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This unit addresses work stress from the perspective of both the employee and the employer. Topics include: empowerment at work, positive co-worker relationships, best practices for supervisors, special issues for shift workers, and more.

Intentional Harmony is a national award-winning, research-based curriculum. It is a comprehensive curriculum that includes all teaching materials, thus allowing the presenter to concentrate on presenting.

This package includes:

  • 88 pages of written curriculum including facilitator’s guide, literature review, and workbook sheets
  • A CD-ROM for electronic copies
  • Seven handouts
  • PowerPoint presentation of 28 slides
  • Video vignette to enhance the unit
  • Press release

This is one of the five units in Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Life. If you purchase the entire curriculum, you do not need to purchase this unit separately.

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