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Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Partner

Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Partner

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Help couples take a team approach to managing work, household tasks, childrearing and romance! Teach them how to identify red flags. Fill their toolboxes with practical strategies and skills so they can build and maintain strong relationships.

Intentional Harmony is a national award-winning, research-based curriculum. It is a comprehensive curriculum that includes all teaching materials, thus allowing the presenter to concentrate on presenting.

This package includes:

  • 100 pages of written curriculum including facilitator’s guide, literature review, workbook sheets and hand-outs
  • A CD-ROM for electronic copies
  • PowerPoint presentation of 26 slides
  • Video vignette to enhance the unit
  • Press release

This is one of the five units in Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Life. If you purchase the entire curriculum, you do not need to purchase this unit separately.

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