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Greenhouse Pepper Production in Egypt-PAL

Greenhouse Pepper Production in Egypt-PAL

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This DVD provides an overview of the Agro Food Company in Egypt. The company specializes in the production of novelty vegetables for export. The DVD follows the growth and development of a hot pepper crop from seed to harvest focusing on greenhouse equipment and cultural procedures needed for production in arid climates. Crop production levels, worker training, and post-harvest processes are also presented.

  • Filmed in Arabic with English subtitles
  • Great for active engagement in undergraduate classrooms
  • Useful for basic training of employees for vegetable producers in arid climates.

See also An Introduction to Tissue Culture-PAL.

Please note that this product is in PAL-format for DVD players in many countries outside the U.S. The NTSC version, playable in the U.S., is no longer available

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