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The Steel Square

The Steel Square

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DT423a, The Steel Square, is a PowerPoint revision (for use on both PC and Macintosh platforms) of the original Steel Square transparency set, enhanced with teacher supplements.

The presentation provides general information about square types, scales, and tables. Step-by-step directions teach how to use the Essex board measure table, brace table, octagon table, and rafter table and how to mark a brace and stair stringers. Also addressed are images of roof types and rafter types as they apply to different roof styles.

The PowerPoint presentation of more than 100 slides, enhanced with internal navigation, works in cooperation with U3009a Using the Carpenters Square. Supplemental materials include 2 Essex board measure problems, 3 brace problems, and 2 rafter problems; two quizzes and a multiple-choice test; and keys. A printable page of tables assists with completing the practice problems.

See also Rafter Marking.

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