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Conflict: An Opportunity for Development

Conflict: An Opportunity for Development

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Have you ever found yourself saying things in the heat of an argument that you expect to regret? Do you find that conflict and its aftermath create barriers to successful communication? On the job or at home, getting a grip on managing conflict will improve your relationships and people skills and this CD-ROM can show you how.

Believe it or not, conflict can be an opportunity for development. With this interactive CD youll learn the fundamentals of the conflict cycle and effective strategies managing it. The program is designed to help people of high-school age and older handle interpersonal conflict in a variety of environments: the home, school, business, and social settings.

The CD can be used for self-study or as a supplement for those who have attended workshops on conflict resolution and management.

Includes an extensive bibliography, newsletter and journal titles, and web links.

To see the principles of conflict resolution in action, check out these three videos from the same creators: Mediation: Finding a Solution; College Conflict; and Duel or Discussion? Or visit "Conflict: An Opportunity for Development" on the Web.