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Horticulture Diseases, Pests, and More CD-ROM

Horticulture Diseases, Pests, and More CD-ROM

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Price: $60.00

CDR600 Horticulture Diseases, Pests, and More is a CD-ROM containing 41 color photo sheets dedicated to horticultural topics. Each sheet has the front filled with multiple, labelled images of problems and the back of each sheet describes problems.

All the sheets are rendered as Adobe Acrobat files, so the color images can easily be viewed on screen. The entire content of the CD is searchable and navigation is fully integrated. Pages can be printed directly from the CD. The freely distributable Adobe Acrobat Reader (for Windows 95/98 and Windows 2000/XP) is bundled on the CD-ROM for convenient installation on machines that need it. A readme file is included, giving directions about where to start, viewing and printing pages, and using the CD-ROM most effectively.

Also available as a spiral-bound book, Horticultural Diseases, Pests, and More.

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