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Introduction to Arboriculture: Planting and Early Care

Introduction to Arboriculture: Planting and Early Care

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Each lesson in Introduction to Arboriculture: Planting and Early Care is superbly illustrated with color photos and diagrams, and there is onscreen text and narration for each illustration.

The objectives of planting are

  1. Learn the techniques and procedures used to plant trees.
  2. Understand how using proper techniques can improve survival and accelerate establishment.
  3. Be familiar with the various types of nursery stock.
  4. Understand that each stock has its advantages, limitations, and proper planting techniques.

The objectives of early care are

  1. Understand the special requirements of newly transplanted trees and become familiar with early-care procedures.
  2. Understand the nutrient requirements of newly planted trees and learn which types of fertilizers are acceptable and which could be potentially detrimental to an establishing tree.
  3. Understand the benefits associated with proper mulching techniques.
  4. Learn the techniques used for, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of, staking or guying newly planted trees.
  5. Learn how to prune a newly planted tree and how to train a young tree to develop a strong branch structure.
  6. Become familiar with which information should be included when writing or accepting written planting specifications.

System requirements: Windows 2000 or XP; Pentium III or better; 24X CD-ROM or better; sound.

See also CD1008 Introduction to Arboriculture: Pruning; CD1009 Introduction to Arboriculture: Tree Identification and Selection; CD1010 Introduction to Arboriculture: Diagnosis and Disorders; and CD1012 Introduction to Arboriculture: Tree Maintenance.

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