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Introduction to Arboriculture: Pruning

Introduction to Arboriculture: Pruning

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This interactive CD-ROM was developed as an educational resource for arborists. It offers great benefits for the horticulture or forestry classroom.

Introduction to Arborculture: Pruning contains lessons on how to prune trees for tree health and human safety. Lesson one introduces the principles of pruning. Lesson two covers practices and strategies.

The CD also features:

  • Instructional strategies that simulate job tasks
  • A high level of interactivity
  • Self-paced instruction (can accommodate multiple users)
  • Emphasis on visuals, including video and other graphics
  • Digital audio that enhances text
  • A system of instant feedback that engages the learner
  • Quiz questions
  • Glossary of key terms with definitions and pronunciations

System requirements: Windows 2000 or XP; Pentium III or better; 24X CD-ROM or better; sound.

See also CD1009 Introduction to Arboriculture: Tree Identification and Selection; CD1010 Introduction to Arboriculture: Diagnosis and Disorders; CD1011 Introduction to Arboriculture: Planting and Early Care; and CD1012 Introduction to Arboriculture: Tree Maintenance.