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Pest Management for the Home Landscape

Pest Management for the Home Landscape

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The revised edition of this popular reference guide, created by University of Illinois Extension specialists, gives you all the information you need to manage insects, weeds, and plant diseases in your yard, garden, and home.

Learn how to avoid many pests through proper plant selections and techniques. For those that arrive anyway, learn how to choose the right pesticides and use them safely and effectively. And if you prefer organic pest control, many of our strategies include nonchemical alternatives.

Topics include:

  • Weeds, insect, and disease information grouped by type of problem
  • Easy-to-read tables that offer quick answers to chemical application questions and current herbicide recommendations
  • List of weeds for more specific, effective management, including application recommendations for broadleaf post-emergence herbicides
  • Weed management options for prairie, woodland, and other natural areas
  • Fungicides for treating diseases of turfgrass, flowers, and woody ornamentals
  • The most effective options for controlling insects, both indoors and outdoors
  • Nonchemical alternatives that help you protect your home environment without sacrificing effectiveness
  • Expanded information on emerald ash borer, bed bugs, termites, and others

Includes a handy index that quickly helps you find the information you need, and a list of recommended resources.

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