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Terrific Teachable Moments: Grades 7 Through 12

Terrific Teachable Moments: Grades 7 Through 12

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Terrific Teachable Moments (TTM): grades 7-12 is a set of character development hands-on, minds-on activities for those who work with teens. The activities address specific skills and behaviors, identified by teachers and counselors as being important to each student’s success in the classroom and beyond. These skills and behaviors include both performance character (e.g., responsibility, perseverance, and a positive attitude) and ethical character (e.g., integrity, respect, and cooperation).

The Illinois Learning Standards and Illinois Social/Emotional Learning Standards addressed are identified in each activity. Many of the activities also include reproducible worksheets. TTM: 7-12 grade version also identifies the Smart and Good High Schools: Promising Practices addressed.

TTM: 7-12 activities differ developmentally from the elementary school versions as they build on the skills addressed at the younger age, are longer in length, and include more in depth discussions that utilize the capabilities and interests of junior and senior high students. If you work with younger students, you’ll want to use Terrific Teachable Moments: Pre-K Through Grade 2.

TTM resources were developed to enhance and reinforce a school’s existing social, emotional and character development programs. The 7-12 grade version has 102 pages and comes in a 8½” X 11” spiral bound format.

Quantity discounts are available for orders placed by phone for any combination of Terrific Teachable Moments products: 10% for 5-24 copies, 20% for 25 copies or more. Please call our toll-free number (800-345-6087) during the business day.

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