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77th Annual Summary of Illinois Farm Business Records for 2001

77th Annual Summary of Illinois Farm Business Records for 2001

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Is your farm management plan data driven?
Discover the power of information when you purchase the new 77th Annual Summary of Illinois Farm Business Records.

Published each fall, the Annual Summary focused on the previous year’s economic farming data and give you an in-depth look at more than 6,000 Illinois farms. Collected over time, summaries provide an historical perspective and big-picture view of farming across the state. It’s information you can use to spot market trends, make major financial decisions and compare your operation to similar ones. Each edition covers:

  • per-acre return and cost figures by farm type, soil type and location
  • yearly changes in net farm income for grain and livestock enterprises and average yields for corn, soybeans and wheat
  • economic trends and patterns that provide benchmark figures for a wide range of expenses, including seed, pesticides, fertilizers, equipment, land, buildings and labor.
Don’t leave the big decisions to chance. Get the information you need to improve your operation, prepare for changes in market trends and get the best possible returns on your hard-earned investments. Covers the year 2001.

42 pages

Published in 2002

Summaries for farm records of 2002, 2003, and 2004 are also available.