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Pocket Guide to Good Gardening

Pocket Guide to Good Gardening

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Price: $5.50

Here’s a quick-answer guide that fits neatly in your back pocket or on the peg board of your garden shed. But don’t let its small size fool you. You’ll find helpful information on every page:

  • Definitions of important gardening terms
  • Guidance on reading pesticide labels
  • Steps for safe and effective pesticide application
  • Cleanup and emergency first-aid procedures

Form follows function:

  • Stair-stepped, tabbed pages make finding the information you need as quick and easy as turning a page.
  • Prepunched hole at the top allows for handy storage.
  • Full-color photos help you see the whole picture.
  • Durable paper design means your garden pocket guide will withstand many hours of gardening.

Price break! This great little guide is also sold in packs of 10.