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Pocket Guide to Good Gardening Value Pack

Pocket Guide to Good Gardening Value Pack

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Price: $48.00

The quick-answer guide that fits neatly in your back pocket is a better deal than ever. You can get 10 copies for one price and save over $5.00 compared to individual purchases.

What a great gift for your garden club members, beautification committee volunteers and Master Gardener graduates!

The perfect thank-you for landscaping clients who will need a little help maintaining their newly designed gardens and lawns.

Even seasoned professionals will appreciate the information packed into this handy little guide:

  • Definitions of important gardening terms
  • Guidance on reading pesticide labels
  • Steps for safe and effective pesticide application
  • Cleanup and emergency first-aid procedures

Form follows function:

  • Stair-stepped, tabbed pages make finding the information you need as quick and easy as turning a page.
  • Prepunched hole at the top allows for handy storage.
  • Full-color photos help you see the whole picture.
  • Durable paper design means your garden pocket guide will withstand many hours of gardening.

Also sold individually.