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Community Housing Development: Building a Brighter Future

Community Housing Development: Building a Brighter Future

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Here’s a workbook that really works! An excellent resource for housing agencies, regional planning councils, housing authorities, economic development councils or any group concerned with bringing affordable housing to rural areas.

Community Housing Development is a start-to-finish, plan-it, build-it workbook meant to keep your committee on track and within budget.


  • recent housing trends to help you analyze your challenges and formulate solutions
  • an in-depth approach to the six major phases of real estate development
  • effective immediate responses to current, pressing needs within your community as well as long-range planning strategies
  • ways to overcome common barriers to adequate housing development in communities similar to yours


  • worksheets to help you organize your plans
  • recent case studies you can use as models for your own project
  • an extensive list of resources for further reading
  • a handy glossary of key terms