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Operation Safe Kids: Safety Training for Children Ages 8-10

Operation Safe Kids: Safety Training for Children Ages 8-10

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Children who stay home alone after school need to learn how to deal with the real, potential, and imagined dangers they may encounter. This curriculum is designed to help children ages 8 to 10 develop the skills they need to care for themselves if they are home alone.

Operation Safe Kids is designed for use in a group setting, such as the school classroom. It is created for third and fourth grade students, but can be adapted to other grade levels. The curriculum can help schools meet Illinois State Goals for Learning in Physical Development and Health.

Six detailed topics will prepare students for staying alone for short periods:

  • Personal Safety
  • Coping with Fear, Loneliness, and Boredom
  • Getting Along with Others
  • Emergencies and First Aid
  • Kitchen Safety and Nutritious Snacks
  • Building Confidence

Each section contains a lesson plan with activities, handouts for kids, and a report to parents. The parent handout is provided in both English and Spanish.

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