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Breaking the Code Bullying Simulation Kit

Breaking the Code Bullying Simulation Kit

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Breaking the Code (BTC) is a research-based prevention simulation kit that is designed for middle and high school students. Use this kit to help your students understand their role and know their options when bullying occurs.

The kit includes:

  • facilitator guide
  • introduction of characters
  • eight relevant scenarios that students face in schools today
  • lanyards and name tags
  • posters with graphic symbols
  • decision cards
  • symbol cards
  • spectator sheets
  • handouts
  • evaluation form.

Each scenario and guided discussion involves up to 12 students and takes about one half hour to complete. Each scenario includes both a narrator version and a skit version to allow for greater or lesser student participation, embedded research statistics that may or may not be included during the presentation, side notes for symbol disbursement and guided discussion questions.

Attending a facilitator training is highly recommended to increase the skill with which you can use the kit.

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