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All My Money: Group Activities Supplement

All My Money: Group Activities Supplement

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Resource box
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Price: $14.00

Includes 3 additional sets of items from All My Money: Change for the Better curriculum on durable, coated paper:

  • Spending Choices Game Cards – used in Lesson 1 (Beans are NOT included)
  • Category Cards – used in Lessons 2 and 4.
  • You will need at least one set of Spending Choices Game Cards (Lesson 1) and Category Cards (Lesson 4) for each group of 3 to 5 participants. The Resource Box includes 3 sets, which should be enough for groups of 9 to 15. This supplement will allow you to teach groups of up to 30, or replace items that have been lost or worn out.

    The Category Cards are also used in Lesson 2, where they are optional. For that activity, you will need one set per participant.

    The lesson PDF files provided with the curriculum include masters of these items, so that you can reproduce them yourself. This refill is offered for your convenience, since items look best when produced in color and must be trimmed to size.

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