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All My Money: Consumables Refill Pack

All My Money: Consumables Refill Pack

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Refill pack
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Price: $16.00

Includes 30 additional copies of “give-away” items from the All My Money: Change for the Better curriculum on durable, coated paper:

  • Take Charge Cards – used in Lesson 1
  • Envelope Budgeting Steps Cards – used in Lessons 2 and 4
  • Red Signs of Investment Fraud Cards – used in Lesson 3

These are items that you give to All My Money participants, for them to keep and take home. The Resource Box includes 30 of each item, so your supply will be used up after you have taught a total of 30 individuals.

The lesson PDF files provided with the curriculum include masters of these items, so that you can reproduce them yourself. This refill is offered for your convenience, since some items require precise double-sided copying – preferably in color – and all must be trimmed to size.

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