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All My Money: Change for the Better

All My Money: Change for the Better

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The All My Money: Change for the Better curriculum is a train-the-trainer financial management program for persons working with limited-resource audiences. It is designed so that agency staff, social workers, and other educators can teach financial literacy topics, even if they do not personally have expertise in financial management.

All My Money: Change for the Better is comprised of eight lessons, a guide to "What Makes a Good Facilitator?", a pre and post program evaluation, and a Resource Box of activity materials. Each lesson includes a lesson overview, facilitator instructions, answer keys, discussion guides, and a lesson evaluation. Hands-on activities encourage participants to learn from each other and from the activities.

Lessons include:

  1. Who Am I With Money?
  2. Tracking Spending
  3. Savings
  4. Spending Plans
  5. Money Services
  6. Choosing Credit
  7. What Happens If I Don’t Pay?
  8. Credit History and Score

Purchasers receive:

  • PDF files of the complete All My Money: Change for the Better curriculum on a USB drive
  • The Resource Box, containing:
    • Re-usable materials for activities such as game cards, play money, puzzle pieces, category cards, and beads.
    • Reproducible items that are given to participants.

Masters of all participant handouts and Resource Box items are included in the curriculum so facilitators can reproduce them as needed. You can also purchase additional sets of group activity cards and other consumables.

For more information about the curriculum and facilitator training classes, visit the All My Money website.

Bulk pricing: Purchasers of 20-49 copies are eligible for a discount of 10%. Purchasers of 50 copies or more are eligible for a discount of 20%. Please email or call 1-800-345-6087 for assistance with your order.

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