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Plant Breeding Curriculum and Kit

Plant Breeding Curriculum and Kit

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Curriculum and Kit
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Price: $325.00

Plant breeding affects our world every day because it helps improve the crops we use for food, clothing, building, and many other purposes. This curriculum introduces students to the field of plant breeding through lessons, activities, and hands-on lab exercises. The curriculum contains four lessons plans, each including student handouts, activities, lab exercises, PowerPoint slides, and student exams with keys.

The curriculum is appropriate for high school and junior high school students.

Lessons include:

  • Plant Breeding Introduction, History and Practice
  • Reproduction in Plants
  • Plant Genetics
  • Biotechnology

Labs include:

  • World Food Production
  • Flower dissection
  • Corn segregation, normal and shrunken corn
  • DNA segregation simulation using paper clips
  • Biotechnology debate
  • DNA Extraction from fruit
  • Field of Beans

The kit comes with a printed workbook, a CD with a PDF of the workbook and PowerPoint slides, as well as most supplies needed to complete the labs.

To purchase the workbook and CD-ROM without lab supplies, see Plant Breeding Curriculum and CD-ROM, AK-30.2.

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