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Horticulture Science Kit

Horticulture Science Kit

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What’s the role of science in horticulture? The materials in this kit are designed to teach students in grades 7 to 12 about science and how it impacts today’s horticulture industry.

The curriculum covers the major aspects of horticultural science. Students will become familiar with plant taxonomy, and they’ll learn how to grow plants in soil and in soil-less media. They’ll get introduced to plant pests and how to control them. Lab exercises help students understand plant breeding and genetics. A section is devoted to the impact of biotechnology on ornamental horticulture, and students will learn how to conduct DNA analysis to match offspring to parents.

The Horticulture Science Kit includes lesson plans, exercises, student handouts, and quizzes. Each kit is sold as a complete package with printed curriculum and a CD-ROM-version, as well as necessary components for activities and exercises. A CD-ROM with all printed materials may also be purchased separately.

Illinois customers, please call 1-800-345-6087 to purchase the Horticulture Science Kit at a special price subsidized by the Illinois State Board of Education.

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