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Feedstuff Education

Feedstuff Education

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The AK-19 Feedstuff Education kit is designed to assist in the instruction of feeds and animal nutrition. This instructional material includes 27 commonly used feed ingredients and six processed feeds packaged in protective plastic jars.

  • Alfalfa Cubes; Alfalfa Leaf Meal; Alfalfa Silage
  • Barley; Beet Pulp; Brewers Grain
  • Corn, Shelled; Corn, Cracked; Corn, Ground
  • Corn Gluten; Corn Silage; Cottonseed, Fuzzy
  • Fat, Dry; Fish Meal; Grain Sorghum
  • Molasses, Dry; Oats, Whole; Oats, Rolled
  • Porcine Meal; Rice; Rye
  • Soybean Hull Pellets; Soybean Meal; Vitamin Blend
  • Wheat; Wheat Bran; Wheat Middling
  • Blended Feed; Crumb; Cube
  • Mash; Meal; Pellet

The kit also includes an instructor's CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is an onscreen instructional resource composed in PowerPoint and is PC/Mac compatible. Information included on the CD-ROM is feedstuff sources, feed processing, nutritional composition, and terminology. The CD-ROM can also be purchased separately.

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