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Windows to Asian Cultures

Windows to Asian Cultures

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This curriculum teaches youth about Asian cultures and introduces Asian values in comparison to the Six Pillars of Character. It is appropriate for grades 3-8.

The curriculum is designed as a leader’s guide, containing four units on China, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Each unit contains an introduction of the country, four lessons highlighting the country, and handouts for the youth.

The lessons use the experiential learning model to help youth more fully process what they have learned.

  • Research-based background information
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for activities
  • Color photos from study countries
  • Connections between character education traits and Asian values
  • Hands-on activities for youth

Use the curriculum to help youth gain a broader understanding of foreign cultures and enhance their global and cultural competency.

Each lesson is a self-contained unit that can be incorporated into your core curriculum to enhance, enrich, and expand knowledge. It can be used in many settings, including school enrichment, after-school programs, youth clubs (4-H, Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, faith-based groups, etc.), independent study, special events, workshops, and youth conferences.

The curriculum is available as a spiral bound 11" by 8 1/2” printed booklet. Or, if you prefer a CD-ROM format, check out Windows to Asian Cultures CD-ROM.

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