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Buying Horse Hay

Buying Horse Hay

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If you want healthy horses, feed them high-quality forage. It's as simple as that.

And now, learning how to buy and store high-quality forage is simple, too—everything you need to know is in this new publication.

You'll learn:

  • Ways to spend less on feed and improve the health of your animals
  • Nutrition and digestive needs for various horse types at several growth stages
  • How to sample and visually inspect hay for best selection
  • Signs of toxicity problems caused by fungi, plants, insects and animals
  • Best methods for purchasing, transporting and storing hay

Buying Horse Hay features

  • Full-color photos to help you accurately identify pest problems
  • Handy charts and tables that list nutrition needs and compare various bale types
  • Formulas to help you calculate your feed needs, minimize transportation and handling costs and get the most hay for your dollar
  • A handy two-page hay checklist of things to consider before you buy

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